Where to Spend Your Wedding Flower Budget

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“I just want my wedding to be beautiful”. If you are a future bride and you have heard yourself say this at least once, then we would like to help you out (at least a little, we hope!)

Planning a wedding is hard. In fact, it can be downright daunting at times. You have your budget and you have your dream wedding in your mind and somehow you need to make those two sides meet amicably in the middle. And this is where that little thought from above comes in; “I just want it to be beautiful!”. So, no matter your budget, large or modest, where should you spend your money?

We can’t speak for every aspect of your wedding, but from us your floral friends, here is our personal advice for how to get the most ‘bloom’ for your buck ;).


When it comes to weddings and making them stand out, your first port of call is the bridal bouquet. Need we say more? Your bridal bouquet should be extra special as it will be essentially holding your hand for most of the day! It accompanies you down the aisle allowing you to grip onto it to ease your nerves. It is your little floral friend throughout your photos and then will sit right in front of you for the remainder of the evening.

As corny as it sounds, your bridal bouquet is something that should reflect your personality and your spirit. Not only this, but it will be in the majority of your wedding photos! So you definitely want to invest in something personal and timeless that you will cherish and look back on lovingly forever.

Sunshine-Coast-Wedding-FlowersCoastal Love Collective(web)_310 {Image: Coastal Wedding Collective}

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Your second port of call should be, hand’s down, your statement pieces. It could be a floral archway full of blooms to backdrop your ceremony, an overhead hanging garden to crown the bridal table, a cascading floral garland to lie across it, a hanging floral chandelier above the dance floor, the list is endless. It is these pieces that help create the ‘wow’ factor for your wedding and make it so memorable.

Many of our brides in the past have told us that these were the arrangements that they were so happy they included in their wedding and, after seeing their many, many wedding albums, we couldn’t agree more! Beautiful flowers with beautiful couples captured forever.

willow-bud-wedding-flowers-sunshine-coast-ceremenoy-backdrops (14 of 18) {Image by Janneke Storm}

11165238_687732431352726_4230309377367942131_n {Image: Janneke Storm}

So, if you are planning your dream wedding and you are wondering where to spend your flower budget, make sure you look to include these first. Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life and can sometimes feel like a bit of an emotional roller coaster. But we promise you that when you see these beautiful florals on the day, like our other brides from the past, your excitement level will absolutely soar through the roof. And what could be a better reason than that?

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